Sullen’s Ink-redible Santa Game

Sullen’s Ink-redible Santa Game: Gamifying Discounts, Boosting Sales and Customer Loyalty



Use Case

Customer Engagement


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We've been working with Abhinav for a few months now and the process has been incredibly smooth. Our campaigns are working flawlessly and we couldn't be happier with the results. We are excited for the future with them, building out even more ways to surprise and delight our customers and we are confident that the team at Engagebud can help us well beyond what we've been doing with our ambassador program. They are an exceptional team, so happy we found them.

Ryan Smith


About Sullen

Established in early 2001, With a strong focus on ideals and practices of modern tattooers. Co-owner, Ryan Smith brought collaborative ideas from the tattoo culture he knew so well and blended them with progressive fashion trends to create Sullen Clothing.


Sullen wanted to host an engaging game as a disguise to give out discount codes to users & increase sales.

Our Approach:

With Christmas around the corner, Sullen Clothing planned a contest game to engage with users. The contest was hosted on a new page and promoted through a banner on the homepage, email, and SMS.

The contest was a game where users had to collect falling tattoos and dodge bombs. It was designed to keep users engaged and coming back daily to check their ranking on the live leaderboard. The top 5 winners at the end of the contest would receive prizes.

About the Game

Collect the falling tattoos & Dodge the bombs, An engaging game to keep user glued to contest!

The Process 👇

In 1st Week of December, they ran the gamified campaign via Email & SMS to their customers telling them about the “Sullen Santa Contest”.

CTR increase in campaign for email: 126%

CTR increase in campaign for SMS: 73%

Anyone who completes the game will be sent a mail with their unique discount code and points they scored nudging them to redeem and play again.

This had a whopping click through rate of 9.4%!

400% higher than the average click through rate!

How engaging was the game, you ask?

Total Users who played game : 2685

Avg game session per user : 11

Users who played game more than 5 times : 663

Conversion Rate of users who played more than 5 times: 10.4%


Sullen Clothing's contest was a fun and engaging way to offer discounts to their customers, resulting in increased engagement, sales, and customer loyalty.

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