How SNITCH leveraged their customers to become their Brand Ambassador

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Word of Mouth Marketing


Shopify, Clevertap

Our collaboration with EngageBud was the ultimate game-changer. They helped us turn our customers into brand ambassadors and boosted our social media presence. An auto word-of-mouth I would say. The personalized touch and engagement through multiple customer touchpoints was amazing The results were great, and we're excited to see where this partnership takes us next with us discussing Gamification as our next move!

Chetan Siyal

Chief Marketing Officer


SNITCH, founded in 201 is a crafts clothing for the fashion-forward modern man & is one of the fastest growing brands in India. Offering an unconventional style ethos as a men's fast fashion brand, they design styles in response to the latest trends.


Cracking Customer Community Engagement is hard because it’s just too manual!

By engagement, they didn’t mean running E-Mail / SMS campaigns with “Buy Now” CTAs. They wanted 2-way engagement with their customers. Making them take part in a specific trend and on its completion, reward them with some exclusive personalized gift. Thus gaining their loyalty and making them part of the Snitch Family.

For this to work, the process needed to be quick, simple, and seamless!

They came up with a Snitch Ambassador Program. For any Customer to become an Ambassador, they had to share a pic on their Instagram story wearing their Snitch purchase and tag on Instagram. All ambassadors get a 20% Exclusive Site-Wide discount code. Not only that, ”their exact Instagram username” is made into a discount code for 15% on Snitch's website for their friends & family. (Valuing them & making them feel special!)

Sounds amazing, right? But, the biggest problem was Snitch's scale (Tens of thousands of customers)

Verifying the user, tracking their Instagram on a google sheet, verifying the Instagram postings, acknowledging their content, saving this UGC, creating & sending exclusive discounts, and tracking ROI, Sales, and Social impressions is just not possible MANUALLY for thousands of Ambassadors!


Think of Engagebud as the brain connecting the Brand’s Shopify, Instagram, and their
Communication tool
(Clevertap & Instagram DM in this case) and automating all the flows between them.

Eg: Detect Customer’s mention on Instagram ➡️ Create Exclusive 20% Discount Code + make their
instagram username as a Discount code on Shopify ➡️ Mailing them this exclusive reward via Clevertap

Thus Accomplishing a fully automated strategy to utilize and build their Ambassador Program “exactly the way they want”. All on autopilot in under 30 minutes!

Ambassador program Customer Journey

Entry point for becoming an Ambassador?

1. Banner On Site :

SNITCH hosted a banner on their site attracting their customers to be their brand ambassadors

2. Instagram Stories :

With a vast community of 300K+ followers on instagram, Snitch engaged with their audience via instagram stories and redirecting them to their website.

Attracting new audience via Instagram

3. Mailers

They added a footer in every mailthey sent out to their audience inviting them to become "Brand Ambassador"

Results :

👉 Customers added to their Influencer Program : 5100+
👉 Qualified: 98% (50+ Instagram Followers)
👉 Total Organic Mentions from Customers: 2146
👉 Instagram Impressions Generated : More than 3.9M+
👉 Tracked Orders from these Codes: 900+
👉 New customers acquired who redeemed the coupon code (these customers saw stories of their friends and used their code) : 52%
👉 ROI on Engagebud (Only from Tracked Sales): 250X+ (~25,000%)


By leveraging the power of customer advocacy, Snitch was able to boost its social media presence, drive brand awareness, and attract new customers. This case study highlights the importance of engaging with customers and creating a personalized experience, which can lead to significant business growth and success.

What Next?

We're working with them to build a gamification loyalty program to increase conversion rates and capture more leads in website + app.

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