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Press Start to Engage!

Ever wondered how to turn your brand's birthday into a celebration your customers can't resist? Plum Goodness, the vegan beauty giant, who decided to level up customer engagement and boost sales by giving their audience a unique gamified shopping experience for their 9th birthday bash. Spoiler alert: It was a smashing hit, and here's why.

High Stakes, High Rewards

Plum Goodness saw their birthday month not just as a celebration, but as an untapped opportunity. With a wave of visitors expected, they knew traditional pop-ups wouldn't cut it.

The goal? Transform their website into a engaging party for their website comers. After all, no birthday party is complete without games, right?

Plum Birthday Game-zone

Play to Win, Shop to Grin

A selection of four popular games - Fruit Ninja, Candy Crush, Casino Dice, and Slot Machine were used to engage with the audience. Each game was revamped to align with the Plum Goodness brand, creating an immersive and personalized environment. To lead customers to this engaging wonderland, a custom floating button was deployed on their website. And guess what? The click-through-rate was off the charts!

The Party You Didn't Know You Were Invited To

They hosted a secret party, an exclusive event for their loyal patrons. But it wasn't just the allure of the secret that got the customers hooked. They spun the wheel of fortune, unveiling unbeatable offers at every turn. The sense of urgency was heightened by a countdown timer, pushing users to make the most of these fantastic deals. Games and discounts, an irresistible mix indeed!

PlumGoodness Secret Party

Game Stats or Bragging Rights?

And now, drumroll, please, for the phenomenal stats:

• Lead Generation: 11%

• Avg Gaming Session per user: 2.1

• Increase In AOV: 25%

Playtime's Over...Or Is It?

Our journey with Plum Goodness isn't just a story of successful collaboration; it's proof that gamified shopping experiences are a game-changer. They don't just increase engagement and AOV, they transform the whole shopping experience.

Wish you were a part of this groundbreaking campaign? To unravel more insights and strategies that made Plum Goodness's campaign a resounding success, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're all set to help you redefine your customer journey through exciting, engaging solutions. Game on!

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