How Perfora Care Leveraged EngageBud's Gamification to Amplify Conversion Rates


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Our experience with EngageBud has been nothing short of remarkable. We partnered with EngageBud for our "100-Hour Shark Tank Sale," aiming to maximize our growing website traffic. A unique gamification approach that perfectly matched our brand ethos and delivered outstanding results, notably an impressive 11% lead generation rate.

Drishti Singhal

Growth Manager

About Perfora Care

They're the up-and-coming trendsetters shaking up the dental hygiene scene with their innovative, top-of-the-line products that are all about superior quality.

And guess what? They recently bit into a slice of that Shark Tank success pie, securing deals with not one, but two sharks!

The Challenge

Post their successful venture on Shark Tank, Perfora Care experienced a substantial increase in website traffic. The next strategic step was to leverage this growth effectively during high-traffic sales events.

"The 100-Hour Shark Tank Sale" was planned for one hundred days after their television appearance. The event's anticipation meant a significant surge in traffic was expected. The challenge for Perfora Care was - In a world of dwindling attention spans to give their website visitor's a unique experience to engage their them.

The Gamified Solution with EngageBud

Teaming up with EngageBud, Perfora hosted a "Play & Win!" button during their 100 Hour Shark Tank Sale. Instead of merely distributing discounts, they invited visitors to win them! Their unique approach to customer engagement included a customized floating button that drew a whopping 17% click-through rate!!

Once the visitors clicked, they were transported to a slot machine game, filled with Perfora's product images!

The Impressive Results

The outcome was a dramatic increase in engagement and lead generation. Through Engagebud's gamified widget, Perfora measured  lead generation rate of 11.18%. Moreover, the conversion rate for visitors who played the game soared to 375% higher than those who didn’t.

What's Next?

With a trove of highly qualified leads, Perfora is now retargeting these leads through WhatsApp and email campaigns. The interaction didn't end with the game; it was only the beginning.

After the Shark Tank sale, Perfora, with EngageBud's help, took their gamification strategy a step further. They now offer customers the opportunity to select the coupon code they want in a gamified format. This continues to help them boost their conversion rate.

In Summary

EngageBud and Perfora's collaboration underscores the power of creative and strategic thinking. By incorporating a bit of fun into their lead generation and customer engagement strategy, they've significantly amplified their results. This case study highlights the potential of gamification in not just the dental care industry, but in any sector looking to elevate their engagement strategies. With such innovation, Perfora is set to continue transforming the dental care landscape.

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