Unleashing the Power of Gamification: Nobero's Holi Campaign Success Story



Use Case

Engagement, Lead Generation


Shopify Plus


Nobero, a leading eco-conscious e-commerce brand, aimed to elevate their customer engagement and lead generation during the vibrant Holi festival. They harnessed the power of gamification to create a memorable shopping experience that resonated with the spirit of Holi.

The Challenge: Stirring Up a Buzz, Charming Customers, and Raking in Leads with Panache

Nobero aimed to shake things up with their Holi campaign, focusing on driving customer engagement and generating leads. The challenge lay in discovering a one-of-a-kind approach that would captivate users' attention and entice them to dive into the event.

The Solution: Nobero's Game Zone - A Carnival of Thrills and Delight

Nobero launched a game zone during their Holi Sale, treating users to a lively and interactive experience that reflected the festival's kaleidoscopic energy. The user journey commenced with an irresistible banner on the homepage, guiding them to a dedicated page brimming with electrifying games.

Nobero Holi Campaign

Nobero Holi Campaign

Game On: The Battle of Colors and Triumph

The crown jewel of the campaign was a contest game featuring a jackpot prize. Users vied against each other, ascending the leaderboard to clinch top ranks and reap alluring rewards based on their performance.

Race Against the Clock: Igniting a Sense of Urgency

Post gameplay, an urgency timer was employed to nudge users towards making a purchase, capitalizing on the excitement generated by the interactive experience and fostering a fear of missing out on the Holi Sale.

The Results: A Splash of Success

Nobero's trendsetting Holi campaign ran for two days, capturing 4,000 leads and showcasing the effectiveness of gamification in driving customer engagement and lead generation. The campaign's success illustrated the potential for brands to harness the power of interactive experiences to connect with their target audience in a meaningful and memorable way.

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