How The Man Company got 100k+ gaming sessions, increased conversions & 80% increase in AOV alongside generating 30k+ leads!

The Man Company Birthday Week


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Use Case

Birthday Engagement + Lead Generation


Shopify Plus, Contlo

Games were an integral part of our Birthday gala & everyone loved it. They made our site & App more lively with 7 games. Engagebud team was professional & we couldn't be more happy with them!

Arpit Upadhyay

Business Head

About: The Man Company

The Man Company focuses on Premium Grooming Essential for Men.
Started in 2015, they offer a head to toe range of Men’s essentials - from hair gels, shampoos, face washes, beard oils, beard washes, soap bars, body washes, shave gels to fragrances, etc

1st September marks The Man Company’s 7th Birthday & they planned a massive carnival party!


1. Engagement / Birthday Fun

Instead of distributing coupons straight away in their sale, they wanted their customers to earn it alongside having fun!
They wanted to Gamify the whole experience & make their customers sticky!

2. Lead Generation

Also, they expected huge traffic from Ads + Influencer Marketing which they wanted to capitalise on by capturing their Email + Phone.
Their earlier popup had 3% lead ratio (3 people giving lead out of every 100 people).
With Gamification, they wanted to increase this number.


👉 Total Game Sessions: 184,261

👉 Leads Captured: 30,000+ in 7 days

👉 Lead Ratio: 11% (214% increase than popups)

👉 Average Gaming Sessions Per User : ~ 6.5 (Approx.)

👉 Conversion Rate: 4.13%

👉 New Users: 29%

👉 Old Users: 71%

What did EngageBud do?

Solution for Engagement

On their Birthday Page (on both website + Android & iOS App), we hosted 7 Games with 7 different offers on different collections.
Each and every game was customized in Carnival theme (Can be easily done by dashboard).
The idea is to make them feel that they won the reward and capitalise on the excitement thus increasing the conversion rate.

# Game 1: Balloon Pop

What's the game: Destroy all balloons except Red balloons.

Reward: Rs 500 off above Rs 1499

# Game 2: Candy Crush

What's the game: We replaced Candies with their products and they had to match 3 same products and complete the grid under 15 moves.

Reward: Buy 2 get 1 Free

# Game 3: Car Race Game

What's the game: Collect TMC's Merchandise while driving car and avoid collissions with bomb

Reward: Flat 20% Off above Rs 499

# Game 4: Casino Dice

What's the game: Game of Chance where you have to predict if the sum of 2 dice is 7, Less than 7 or More than 7

Reward: Flat Rs 100 off on All Orders

# Game 5: Find your Name

What's the game: The person has to find their name in the Grid of Characters

Reward: Extra 25% off above Rs 999

# Game 6: Slot Machine

What's the game: Same Slot machine but it had The Man Company's products inside the machine for customer stickiness!

Reward: 30% off on Fragnances

# Game 7: Spin the Wheel

What's the game: Good old Spin the wheel!

Reward: Jackpot offers with upto Rs 5000 voucher

Solution for Lead Generation

For 7 Days, they put up 7 different games in a nudge. Nudge is our invention replacing the Annoying Popups and increasing conversions by 400%.

They got huge traffic from Ads + Influencer Marketing which they wanted to capitalise on by capturing their Email + Phone.

Their earlier popup had 3% lead ratio (3 people giving lead out of every 100 people).

With our Nudge, they got 11% lead ratio (370% increase)
The major reason for the massive spike is that Nudge is NOT annoying while popups are!

Check it out below 👇

CEO's Message on Games!

On being asked about his Favourite Offer of this year: 

Urgency Buying feature worked wonders w.r.t Conversion Rate!

  • When any customer wins a reward, we show the discount code alongside a timer on the screen.
  • This increases conversion by capitalising on FOMO of losing the reward

Integrations (Mail + SMS + Whatsapp + Push Notification)

The Man Company uses Contlo as their CRM tool for sending out mails when someone completes a game and a reminder mail 30 minutes before the reward is expired.
It's the Complete Customer journey with end to end communication

We partner with 20+  integrations where we sync data + events - Klaviyo, Omnisend, MoEngage, WebEngage, Clevertap, Zapier, MailerLite, Yotpo, Contlo, etc (Takes less than 10 minutes to integrate to any of the tools)

Specific Mail that goes to the customer once they've played a game

What Next?

  • Topical Campaigns: Using Games & Engagement for Upcoming Festivals, Thank God It's Friday (TGIF) campaigns, Monday Blues campaign, etc
  • Word of Mouth: Getting their customers to Post a story on Instagram and get rewards
  • Gamified Surveys: Asking their customers specific questions & redirecting them to right product(s)

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