Sweet Success: How Lakme Boosted Engagement and Sales with a Candy Crush-Inspired Gamification Campaign


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Use Case

Customer Engagement, Lead generation




Lakme, one of India's leading cosmetic brands, has recently implemented a gamification strategy to engage with their users. The brand hosted a game on their website, which replaced the traditional candies in Candy Crush with their best-selling products.

The Lakme Candy Crush Makeover

Lakme transformed the well-known game, Candy Crush, by replacing the candies with their best-selling products. This innovative approach not only captured the attention of users but also introduced them to Lakme's top products in a fun and interactive way.


To drive traffic to the game, Lakme utilized two key tactics: ads and retention mailers. The brand ran ads to attract users to their website and then used retention mailers to keep them engaged. These tactics proved to be successful in bringing in a large number of players to the game.


Lakme's gamification strategy was highly successful in engaging with their users. The game received a large number of players, and the brand saw an increase in website traffic and sales. The retention mailers also helped to keep users engaged with the brand even after they had finished playing the game.


Gamification is an effective way for brands to engage with their users and promote their products. Lakme's use of Candy Crush and their own products was a creative and successful way to implement this strategy. By utilizing ads and retention mailers, the brand was able to drive traffic to their website and increase sales.

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