How IBA cosmetics increased their site conversions with games (First 45 days)

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Increase Conversion + Lead Generation



We wanted to engage with the customers on our website & we're so glad we found them! We love their urgency timer feature that massively helped us with our conversion ratio. Team is super responsive & Engagebud is an incredibly important part of our Engagement strategy!

Mehleka Bhaisaheb

Marketing Manager

About IBA Cosmetics

Founded in 2014, Iba Cosmetics is India’s first and only Halal certified cosmetics brand for personal care, each carefully developed and manufactured to assure purity, safety and efficacy.


1. Increase Site Conversion rate

An average eCommerce conversion rate ranges between 1% and 4%, with global figures standing at ~2.7% across devices.

They wanted to use gamification to increase this conversion rate.

2. Lead Generation

IBA cosmetics wasn't doing lead generation before and were missing out on 97% of their site customers data.

3. Increase Stickiness & time on site

They wanted to increase site time for better SEO ranking with personalized engagement. Who doesn't love a fun delight on the site?

45 Day Stats

👉 Conversion rate for users who played game: 8.2%

👉 Leads collected (Name, Email + Phone): 24,623

👉 Lead ratio: 14% (5 times more than industry average of popups)

👉 Nudge click through rate: ~19%

👉 Average time increase on main site: 1.5 minutes

👉 AOV increase: 16% more than average order

👉 Sales generated from Urgency timer: Rs 1.7 million+


1. "Play to Win" Banner on site

  • They placed the banner at the top of the site
  • Tried multiple games on the banner to test out the best offer & engagement type for their audience

2. Nudge for Lead Generation

Nudge on IBA's Site
  • Nudge is the polite version of Popups created by Engagebud in house.
  • Where popups slam on your face, nudge comes in smooth animation & a pulsating CTA.
  • Their Click through rate: ~19% (Of 100 people seeing the nudge, 19 people clicked the Play & Win button)

3. Urgency buying & Auto-Apply discount codes

Urgency Buying Bar at the bottom with timer

These games helped IBA to hook the users onto the site & increased the session time. But to boost their conversions they added an urgency timer of 20 minutes for the coupon code.
Meaning the coupon code they won would be valid for that duration only with a timer bar coming at the bottom.

This increased conversions by capitalizing on FOMO of losing the reward the users earned

This psychological hack results in users pushing for impulsive buying as their gift would be taken away if not used.

4. Customized themes & games

  • Each and every game was highly customized. They replaced Candies in Candy Crush with their own products in desired color backgrounds.
  • We have themes for different occasions and even for individual brands (on Mega & higher plan).
  • They ran Carnival theme, Onam theme (during Onam Festival) & their own halal theme giving users an exceptional experience.

What next?

🎂 Gamifying 8th Birthday with 8 Games

Their 8th birthday is coming up and they are putting up 8 games in carousel in their birthday page.

Idea being to reward their customers on their birthday sale in a fun way & increase conversions along with making a memory in their head.

💘 Gamifying their V-Day Campaign :

We added a new Contest game "Catch the Hearts" in their Play & Win carousel, where user has to collect falling heats and dodge the bombs 💣!

The Live leader board at the end of the game kept the users hooked and pushed them to rank higher .Even though there was no special rewards based on how the user performed!

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