Foxtale: Boosting Conversion Rate with Gamification

Foxtale: Boosting Conversion Rate with Gamification



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Boosting Conversion Rate, AOV & Lead Generation


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About:Β Foxtale

Foxtale is an Indian skincare brand, launched in 2021 with a mission to provide high-quality skincare products at an affordable price. With a focus on catering to all skin types, Foxtale aimed to stand out from the competition and boost their website's conversion rate.



Foxtale faced two major challenges :
To increase the conversion rate on their website, and
To differentiate themselves from their competitors. To achieve these goals, Foxtale sought to engage with their users in a unique and innovative way.



To tackle these challenges, Foxtale partnered with Engagebud to develop a gamification campaign that would increase user engagement and boost the conversion rate. The campaign was based on the use of a "Floating Button" that was hosted on Foxtale's site. The floating button was designed to be out of the user's blind spot, ensuring a seamless experience while still providing a strong call-to-action.

Engagebud Floating Button Live on Foxtale

The campaign was a huge success, with an average click-through rate (CTR) of ~11% for the whole campaign. To further increase the conversion rate, Foxtale gave users the choice to pick the best offer suited to their purchase. This approach resulted in a conversion rate of 28.9%!!



πŸ‘‰ Leads Generated : ~20,000

πŸ‘‰ Average Game Sessions per-user : 1.8

πŸ‘‰ Conversion Rate for people who played the game: 28.9%

πŸ‘‰ They went all out on their WhatsApp campaign on the leads they acquired and hit an 8+ ROAS, boosting their revenue even more.



The Foxtale gamification campaign was a resounding success, resulting in a significant increase in the website's conversion rate, capturing leads & making their website engaging!

The use of gamification as a tool for engagement was effective in differentiating Foxtale from their competitors and boosting their sales.


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