The Impact of Gamification on Lead Generation: boAt and Engagebud

Riding the Gamification Wave: boAt's Journey with Engagebud


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Setting Sail: The Mighty boAt

In a short span of time boAt has become one of the most iconic and fastest-growing audio& wearables brands in India. Their relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation have established them as a preferred choice for tech-savvy customers across the nation.

Charting New Waters: The Gamification Edge

In the world of digital distraction, where attention spans are dwindling below two seconds, boAt recognized they needed an innovative approach to harness their massive website traffic and transform it into an engaged audience. Enter Gamification - a strategy not just to attract, but to captivate. By gamifying their engagement approach, boAt not only differentiated themselves from the competition but also provided a unique and immersive experience for their users, encapsulated perfectly in our custom floating widget.

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The Spin Wheel: A Common Game with an Uncommon Approach

The team decided to navigate away from the mundane popups and turned to the good old spin wheel from Engagebud's engaging game suite.

Why the spin wheel, especially when it's such a prevalent one-click game? Well, as they say, leaders don’t necessarily do different things; they do things differently.

Rather than bombarding visitors with the same-old generic pop-up flow, boAt used our engaging floating widget and customized it according to their theme. This subtle yet captivating feature enhances the user experience, serving as a gentle nudge rather than an intrusive push. It beckons users with curiosity, inviting them to embark on an unexpectedjourney of discovery. (Pull your audience!!)

It’s not just about playing the game; its about reinventing how its presented. And with this innovative approach, boAt successfully transformed a common game into an extraordinary engagement tool.

Making Waves: Functioning

They charted an interactive course, hosting an intriguing floating button on selective product pages and setting up a dedicated spin wheel collection page for maximum customer interaction. They tailored the floating button's appearance, reshaping its background, text, and fonts into a vibrant representation of their brand's lively identity making it more personalised. The floating button, stationed on product and collection pages, intrigued visitors into a delightful interaction. And an engaging banner beckoned visitors towards an enticing spin wheel collection page.

Desktop View

The Treasure Trove: Results

boAt's voyage led them to remarkable results:

  • The tailored icon and text caught the eye, achieving a remarkable 17% click-through rate (CTR).
  • An impressive engagement rate of 80%*
  • A staggering 15% lead generation

boAt's exciting journey serves as a nudge to all those brands still sailing in the old-fashioned waters of pop-ups. It's time to hoist the sails of innovation and chart your course to success with Engagebud.

To all you pop-up enthusiasts out there, still think you're catching the wind? We have our doubts. Don't just watch from the shore as others ride the waves of gamification to success.

Keep exploring, keep engaging.

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