Unlocking the Secret to Customer Retention: Bella Vita Organic's Gamified Strategy Leaves Audiences Hooked


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I had the pleasure of working closely with the Engagebud team throughout the campaign. Their expertise, support, and dedication played a pivotal role in the success of the campaign. Engagebud went above and beyond, providing valuable insights, creative solutions, and help in setting up seamless integration with Mo Engage. Their commitment to delivering exceptional results and ensuring a smooth user experience was commendable. It was a pleasure collaborating with Engagebud, and I highly recommend this tool to every brand looking to enhance customer engagement and retention through innovative campaigns.

Vineet Khare

CRM Manager

About Bella Vita Organics

Founded in 2012, Bella Vita Organic, or 'The Good Life,' is a leading natural beauty and skincare brand committed to crafting hand-made, natural solutions, invigorated by the natural elements of the earth and ancient skin and hair care practices. The brand encourages new-age consumers to understand their skin's unique needs and cater to them accordingly. Bella Vita aspires to deliver regimen-oriented skincare products and services, with round-the-clock expertise guiding consumers through every step of their self-care journey.

The Challenge

Bella Vita had their Diwali Sale round the corner and they wanted to engage with their audience in a unique way which could help them in boosting their retention!

The Strategy

Engagebud collaborated with Bella Vita to launch an engaging campaign with an enticing hook – a chance to win the latest iPhone 14. Bella Vita spurred interest through targeted ads and influencer campaigns, driving traffic to the registration page.

The Backbone of the campaign was an exciting gamified experience. The page consisted of eight highly customized games, ranging from one-click games like a spin wheel or slot machine, to more engaging games like a car race. Users collected points by completing these games, with the individual amassing the most points winning the coveted iPhone 14.

To inject a competitive spirit and keep users engaged and moreover a social proof, Engagebud curated a live leaderboard for users to track their scores and rankings.

Integration and Implementation

A critical aspect of the campaign was seamless integration with Mo Engage. Bella Vita set up their outbound mailer and SMS integrations with Mo Engage, while Engagebud designed custom flows for user notifications. Users received updates on their rankings and scores after each game, driving repeated interactions and engagements.

Mailer Sent to the user after playing the game

A testament to the effectiveness of these notifications was a click-through rate (CTR) of 20% on these mailers, a staggeringly high figure in the industry.

The Results

The campaign ran for a week on Bella Vita's website, resulting in an exceptional increase in user engagement. A total of 65,000 users engaged with the campaign, demonstrating the successful execution of our strategy and the appeal of the gamified approach.


Key Takeaway: This case study reaffirms the power of creativity and innovation in marketing. Through a gamified approach and clever use of incentives, Bella Vita Organics was able to drastically boost user engagement, ultimately leading to improved customer retention. It serves as a reminder that understanding and catering to your customers' unique needs and interests is critical to marketing success

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