Unlocking Growth Through Gamification: Auric's Innovative Approach to Boosting Lead Generation and AOV


Health & Wellness

Use Case

Customer Engagement, Lead Generation, Increase AOV



Auric's Innovative Gamification Strategy for Lead Generation and AOV Boost


Auric, a renowned wellness brand, aimed to elevate customer engagement, capture more leads, and increase their average order value (AOV) by incorporating a gamification strategy. This approach focused on offering interactive and enjoyable experiences to captivate customers and create lasting impressions.


  1. Pick-a-Discount Campaign:Auric introduced a pick-a-discount campaign, providing customers with a selection of four different offers to choose from. This strategy empowered customers with choice and encouraged them to interact with the brand to find the most suitable deal for their preferences.
  2. Widget Entry Point:To facilitate a smooth and user-friendly experience, Auric implemented a widget as an entry point to their gamification flow. This allowed customers to easily participate in the campaigns and explore various offers.


Auric's gamification strategy yielded remarkable results, highlighting the potential of this approach:

  • Total leads captured: 28,000
  • AOV: ₹1488
  • Click-through rate (CTR) on Widget: 14%


Auric's successful deployment of gamification tactics, including the pick-a-discount and slot machine campaigns, led to increased customer engagement, resulting in a significant boost in leads captured and AOV. By offering a fun and interactive experience, Auric effectively motivated customers to spend more and fostered a positive brand image.

The success of Auric's gamification campaign demonstrates the power of innovative and engaging marketing strategies to drive business growth and customer satisfaction.

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